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Emergency Dentists Montreal

Best emergency dentists in Montreal

Sometimes a pain or discomfort in your teeth can lead to a serious dental problem. When this happens you want to ensure you have an experienced, competent emergency dentist Montreal to deal with the situation. Indeed, this can be the difference between an effective and efficient procedure that resolves the problem straightaway or one that does not adequately deal with the matter and instead forces it to be dragged out for months to come.

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Emergency dentists perform tooth extraction.

Dental emergencies left untreated can be serious.

There is no pain like dental pain. There is no injury or illness like that of the teeth and gums. The throbbing, bleeding, and strain of a broken tooth or other type of emergency can be too much to bear. It is a condition that can leave you unable to function. A dental emergency can happen at any time, and you need to have access to a dentist who can answer the call even at the oddest hours. Not only that. The dentist you go to should be well-equipped. His clinic should have the staff and the facilities to offer first-rate services.

What To Expect From Dental Emergency Services

It is vital that you work with an emergency dentist in Montreal who uses state of the art technology and the most up-to-date methods and techniques to provide you dental care. Having a dentist who is genuinely concerned about you as a person is also important. You want someone who will listen to your concerns and make an effort to make you feel comfortable and safe during the procedure.
Indeed, good dentistry is not just about the dentist treating you as a problem that needs to be fixed expeditiously so he or she can move on to another patient. You have as much say in your dental health as anyone. The dental emergency services you use should include a dentist who will listen patiently and carefully to what you have to say. Affordability is also important. Keeping your teeth healthy should not break the bank. You ought to be able to get quality dental care at rates you can afford.

Contacting Our Emergency Dentists

Fortunately, it is not that difficult to find an emergency dentist who meets all of these criteria. Our clinic is easily accessible, located walking distance from the Metro Guy Concordia, just north of Sherbrooke street and Cote des Neiges. Our clinic takes pride in making sure that you get the best emergency treatment when you need it most. We do our absolute best to get you into the dentist chair as soon as possible. In certain cases, depending on the specific emergency services you require, we may refer you to another emergency dentist if your situation cannot be treated directly at out clinic or if time constraints make an appointment at our clinic impractical for you.

Emergency Dental Services Available

We treat the following dental emergency conditions:

• A swollen jaw or an abscessed tooth.
• A cracked or a broken tooth.
• Severe toothaches.
• Nerve pain requiring a root canal.
• Tooth/Teeth replacement.
• Repair or replacement of a lost filling or crown.

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